Monday, August 30, 2010

Today our family gains yet another teenager...

Irene is 13.  She is our zany one. Loved most by dogs and babies. But especially dogs.

Our little dachshund is lost without Irene. When ever she goes somewhere to spend the night he wanders from person to person and looks so sad and lonely..

Happy Birthday Irene!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Irene! Man, its hard to believe she is 13 already!

  2. Happy Birthday, beautiful Irene! What super cute dimples and sparkly eyes she has.

  3. You know we ADORE Irene over here. She is so fun to have spend the night. When she was over her a few weeks ago not only did she open my mail but was disappointed that she didn't win the messy eating contest that little kids were having.

    Happy Birthday Irene!

  4. Happy birthday to a sweet young lady.