Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28
Lead the Way
The Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail. (Deuteronomy 28:13)
If we obey the Lord, He will compel our adversaries to see that His blessing rests upon us. Though this be a promise of the law, yet it stands good to the people of God; for Jesus has removed the curse, but He has established the blessing.
It is for saints to lead the way among men by holy influence: they are not to be the tail, to be dragged hither and thither by others. We must not yield to the spirit of the age, but compel the age to do homage to Christ. If the Lord be with us, we shalt not crave toleration for religion, but we shall seek to seat it on the throne of society. Has not the Lord Jesus made His people priests'' Surely they are to teach and must not be learners from the philosophies of unbelievers. Are we not in Christ made kings to reign upon the earth? How, then can we be the servants of custom, the slaves of human opinion?
Have you, dear friend, taken up your true position for Jesus? Too many are silent because diffident, if not cowardly. Should we allow the name of the Lord Jesus to be kept in the background? Should our religion drag along as a tail? Should it not rather lead the way and be the ruling force with ourselves and others?

from The Spurgeon Archive

Friday, March 20, 2009

Heheh-the baby came and pushed a button while I was thinking, thus the non-post below.  Then I had to get up and do something and so I guess I'll just leave it there for humors sake.  :)  I am no writer.  I should do more blogging to practice.  It isn't that I don't have anything I want to talk about but I just look at that blank screen and freeze up!  Either that or the pictures I want are on another computer, etc. etc.  I guess there are seasons to life and this season (among other things) is the season of sporadic blogging.

So what do I want to talk about today?  I want to talk about Mark Driscoll.  Have you heard that guy preach?  I have to admit I was rather dubious of him to start with.  I like my preachers "classic", you know, with a tie at least.  I don't mind robes even.  Mark Driscoll wears jeans and tees.  And he even kind of has one of those "fo-hawks" hairdos.  And I remember back in the days when I was so into rock and heavy metal even and guys would dress up like us and to to fit in so they could "talk" our language or what ever (like teachers trying to act like they were cool) and well usually it just kind of seemed dorkey.  We called those guys posers.  

But the more I listen to Mark Driscoll, the more I really do like him!  He is so direct and right on!  He has tons of free sermons on their church website.  I have been listening to hours of them.  I will have to send them a donation for the service because I really do appreciate it.  I found the series on spiritual warfare VERY helpful.  Also the series on 1 & 2 Peter.  Shayleen has been listening to the ones on Revelation and she absolutely loves them.  He really makes the Bible alive for the younger folks.  

If you haven't listened to him, treat yourself.  But give yourself a good 45 min -hour to listen because he isn't short winded!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought this was an excellent overview of the pubic education system and the reasons why government intrusion in the area of education is NOT a good plan.

With Obama in the white house we all are expecting some sort of an attack on home school freedoms. These attacks will come from various corners and we will have to vigelent about watching what our govorment does. However, I do think we ought to use caution in providing links to individuals who have set themselves up as advocates in some way or another. Providing links to their websites just gives them greater visability and moves them up on the google searches etc. We can answer their arguments with out giving them promotional benefits from our own sites.

Just a thought.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A quote I wanted to hold onto..

Believers must repent for being discouraged by their sins
“Their being discouraged by their sins will cost them many a prayer, many a tear, and many a groan; and that because their discouragements under sin flow from ignorance and unbelief. It springs from their ignorance of the richness, freeness, fullness, and everlastingness of God’s love; and from their ignorance of the power, glory, sufficiency, and efficacy of the death and sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ; and from their ignorance of the worth, glory, fullness, largeness, and completeness of the righteousness of Jesus Christ; and from their ignorance of that real, close, spiritual, glorious, and inseparable union that is between Christ and their precious souls.
Ah! Did precious souls know and believe the truth of these things as they should, they would not sit down dejected and overwhelmed under the sense and operation of sin. God never gave a believer a new heart that it should always lie a-bleeding, and that it should always be rent and torn in pieces with discouragements.”
- Thomas Brooks, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices
From Of First Importance