Sunday, June 5, 2011

It seems to me if Christians wholesale say a certain "form" of art is "wrong" or against God, what we effectively do is cut ourselves off from being at the table for many conversations. We simply won't be at the table of "Modern Art", "Abstract Art" "Rap Music" or what ever else is going around. I'm not saying that it is the duty of every Christian to participate in every art form, or art at all for that matter but it doesn't seem right to see some forms of art as more godly than others. I applaud the efforts of painting schools to teach the techniques of the master painters of the past, but there should also be the realization that these are techniques and nothing more. If painter wants to learn them, if the Romanticism era really makes their heart sing, then by all means! But there is nothing more "godly" about that sort of Romanticism except for the godliness of pursuing a discipline whole heartedly for the glory of God. 

I think I need to read "How Shall We Then Live" again. I think I simply disagree with Francis Schaeffer. But maybe I don't remember what he said like I should. As if I should be cheeky enough to disagree with Francis Schaeffer!