Saturday, February 28, 2009

I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted!  Well, I guess I knew that would happen if I went and got Facebook.  Facebook is like internet instant snack food.  It's quick and easy and you can pop in and out and it gets you in touch with people fast but it's all little chit-chat stuff.  Poke this person, make a quick comment on a photo, but there isn't really any depth to it.  I resisted getting it for that reason, but it has been fun to get in touch with people from high school and so forth.  It's amazing the people that come out of the woodwork!  My kids think it's very funny to hear me gasp over some old friend I haven't heard from in twenty years.  It's such a hoot. :)
Noelle is getting bigger.  Babies change so fast.  She is a very coddled baby too.  She is held for most of the day.  The kids just can't bear to leave her alone!  I did start putting her down for at least a morning nap in bed so it would be uninterrupted.  But she is very easy going and goes from shoulder to shoulder, lap to lap quite agreeably.

I love the baby phase. I enjoy it with relish.  It goes by so quickly.

We also have a new member of the family!  

A rat.
Is anyone going to congratulate me?  Heheh.  It took me about a month to touch it.  But she actually a pretty sweet pet.  She jumps up and down at the slightest sign that someone might pick her up.  And she loves to ride around on the kids' shoulders.  And plays with a teeny little stuffed bunny the kids gave her.  It's pretty cute to watch.  And it relieves me of the guilt of not having any pets around here.  So as long as I'm not the one cleaning the cage I guess it's a pretty good deal.

There have been some really good posts up at Your Sacred Calling and Deputy Headmistress about comparing ourselves to others and also about being frustrated about not meeting your expectations as a mom.  I know I can really get bogged down in that slough.  When things are less than perfect around here and my kids are quarreling and the kitchen is a mess and the boys are running through the house like banshees sometimes it is very natural for me to have a knee jerk reaction of despair rather than returning to work in faith.  It is good for me to remind myself that God is the one working here and it depends on His power, not mine to keep this boat afloat.  He has been faithful so far and I need to remind myself of His goodness rather than my weaknesses.   Thankfully!
I hope all is well with everyone out there, and you are avoiding all the flu bugs and if there is any snow in your area it is very moderate. :)