Friday, January 28, 2011

I've been reading "Meet You at the Top" by Zig Ziglar to my kids, and I decided to put his goal setting into practice. This is a set of stairs that go up a bluff in my town.
 Actually they start here.....
 I am running up them every day. That is my goal. I have done it almost every day for two weeks. Of course I am gasping about half way up. I have to stop, catch my breath and carry on.

This is my reward at the top...

When I took these pictures a woman asked me about it and I told her I was documenting my goals. She said she knows people who run up and down them ten times a day. Crushed...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, the Christmas tree is finally down, the eggnog has dried up and I think we got the last pine needle swept away. It's time to settle in and get down the good ol' routine of school work and more school work. I have to admit, I like the predictable quiet routine of winter and early spring. Quiet, predictable... and not a whole lot of interruptions so I can really focus and feel like we are making progress.

I'm still working on the basics a lot with the boys. Math, Reading, etc. We do a lot of reading aloud too. They like to get out their Legos and listen. That's always nice. Right now we're reading "The Golden Goblet" I read it to my older kids when they were young and it's an old favorite. I'm really liking "The Story of the Ancient World" that I am also reading to them. It ties in Old Testament History with other things that were happening in the region at the time. The boys have had a lot of these stories read to them several times so it's kind of a review with a few new things thrown in, but I heard once somewhere about the "Law of the 17th Mention" and so I figure this is their 17th mention. They should be pretty solid on at least the main Old Testament stories after this.

The older kids have a few changes that should prove interesting. Forrest has been really pursuing art lately and we are enrolling him in a Christian art school next term. I'm hoping he can come home and teach me stuff. :) It is only one day a week though. He is really looking forward to spending one whole a day a week just drawing and focusing on art! He is also learning landscaping and working for his Uncle. I'm thinking he could make his "bread and butter" living on landscaping and then work on art in the evenings. I'm excited for the doors I see opening to him. He's been working so diligently.

Elisa, too, is looking at some new adventures. She has decided to join Rainmakers, a Christian speech club. I am really excited about this! I took my older two kids to a competition a couple years ago for this group and it was very impressive. I also hoped one of my kids would get interested but Shayleen just didn't want to and Forrest is always so busy. Now Elisa is getting older and she's shown an interest and I'm just so thrilled. I know she will be challenged, but I also think she will have a really great time. The kids who are involved all seem to really love it and they talk about the wonderful friends they have made through the groups. I hope she will make some really sweet, encouraging friends. I think it will be a real blessing for her.

She's also going to take a world history class with one of her good friends and she's saving her money to go to Teen Pact leadership school in the spring. Good thing she's been babysitting a bit. :)

It's really fun to see her blossom and take on these new things. I always kind of hoped at least one of our kids would take an interest in these kinds of things, but Shayleen just isn't all that adventurous and Forrest is just... busy. I'm thinking Elisa will be fun. She's so ready to try new things and meet new people. I hope I get to tag along, at least a little bit.

Well, I guess that's all that's newsworthy around here. I hope the day find you warm and content and basking in the faithfulness of the Lord.