Monday, August 23, 2010

The air smells like fall! It makes me so happy. I love fall, I love the fresh cool air, the crispness... It gives me so much energy and joy!
We have been peeling apples for applesauce, making crisps, pies etc. I took pictures but I can't post them because my usual computer was a sick puppy and I am using my MIL's laptop in the mean time. It is amazing how hard it is to get used to a new computer. Probably about the time I get used to the set up of this one it will be time to switch back. I can't wait to get back onto our own computer though, where all my pictures and  favorites and all that are...

Are you ready for the school year? I am tidying up the schedule, but I think we will be ready to start next week. The kids have been put on notice. This is your last week. Make use of it.

Recently there was a discussion on taking govie money for schooling over at Tim's blog.  He put forth his reasons for not taking the government route and I whole heartedly agree. My feeling about the government is the farther away the better. I can't deny that at times the money has it's allure, and it would be so luxerious to walk into a book store (or have the UPS guy drive up) and get all these new books at once, enough for everyone...all at the same time.... and swimming lessons and art supplies...*sigh* Snap Out Of It! (Well, I'm only human you know...)

But I don't. Why? Especially when we have had years where we could have really used the help and really with the number of kids we have we could probably get a good chunk of money?

Well, for one thing, when you sign up with those programs you are no longer considered a home schooler. Your child is now a public school child. The state has the same interest in your child as they do any other public school child. I just don't want them being that interested in my children. I don't want them feeling like they have a need to shape and mold my children's values.

I also have a general conviction that it isn't right to force other people to pay for our stuff. I know families who have had to move, put their taxes on their credit cards, etc, etc. Taxes are too high. We pay taxes not only in income taxes, but on our property, in the way of fees and permit fees, business fees, tolls, etc. etc. and not only that but in the price of everything we pay for there is the cost of all the taxes and fees of everything that item has gone through. From the income taxes of the workers who made it, the trucking, the business liscences, etc. etc. on and on. I know people justify taking money by saying that they have already paid in, why not take it back out? But that just broadens and furthers the whole thing. I for one am not going to take part in it as far as I am able. I do not think it is right to take other people's money to pay for my children's swimming lessons. I just don't.

I want my children to be trained to be independant minded. I don't want them to grow up thinking that you turn to the government for help with all your personal problems. That just isn't the government's job. I want my children to grow up to be resourceful and problem solvers on their own and in times of real need to turn to their God, family and church. How can I teach them that if I am standing in line looking for handouts? If we need to move to a smaller house, do without new clothes, eat beans, so be it. But I want my children to view life as free men, not as creatures of the state.

Many people wonder at how easily the younger generation has swallowed socialism. Is it any wonder at all? They are being raised in a socialist institution that is hallowed and untouchable even by the most ardent conservative-the public school system. I may be one small bump in that road, but I will not just flow along with it.

Of course there are two directions a person could be moving if they were questioning taking the government home learning route. They could be homeschoolers who are just tired of being poor or who are entranced with getting a microscope or something like that. Or on the other hand there could be someone who now has their children enrolled in a brick and mortar public school and are considering home schooling but don't have the confidence to go it alone yet. To that person I would say whole heartedly "go for it." It's still better than having to have them away in the government's care all day. But to the prior... Well, consider your path. Is it really worth it to give up your freedom and independence?


  1. I too have been making pies, crisps and apple sauce. As a result of eating all the sugar I have the worst case of yeast that I have ever had! Dark red spots cover my body. I look like little Joseph or whichever one of your kids it is that gets that yeast. I have never had anything like this, but then again its been ages since I consumed so much sugar in one weekend!
    Im canning beans today!

  2. I was just talking to my girls about this today. This is the first year that we have notified the ESD that we are homeschooling. In anticipation I signed up for with HSLDA and got them tested. I hate having the local school district know they exist but my daughter wants to get her permit so I have too. Like you we will not take public money to school our kids no matter how tempting.

  3. I would be very happy to keep my own school tax money to use on our homeschool instead of giving it to school district. Every year there will be various school organizations (drill team mostly) asking for donations at the door of the local grocery store (an opportunity I decline). Really makes me wish they managed the money we do give them better.

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this issue. A few months ago, a homeschool mom brought up the idea of petitioning the state to subsidize book expenses for homeschoolers and I told her the same thing - if we did that we would be opening the door for the state to come in and regulate homeschooling even more. It would soon become another branch of the public school.

    Apple pie and fall sound wonderful. We're getting there - last night was so cool I almost needed a blanket, but it's not quite apple harvest time yet and the days are pretty hot still.

  5. Well, Kerri, what happened to fall in the air today? I guess summer's not quite over yet. :-)

  6. No, I guess not.. I have to be patient.. But it's coming! :)