Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So, nobody has any beautiful blogs to suggest? Are we all only reading political news or something? :)

Well, I'll give out a few so when your thoroughly sick and disgusted at the news you can go and remind yourself that there is indeed still beauty in the world.

A new favorite for me is Sacred Cake.  She assembles lovely jewelry and posts with heartfelt honesty about her life and family in Michigan.

Bloom-Beautiful pictures and posts about knitting, homeschooling and Montana.

Bee House Hives-more knitting, more Montana, more beautiful pictures. :)

I swear my cousin Sarah can make something beautiful out of a can of spray paint and a chain link fence. She hasn't posted in a while, but she has some great tips on her site. She stops by here sometimes so maybe we can inspire her.

An old favorite from me is Anna Maria Horner. The first time I found her blog it was Christmas of 2008. This picture of her girls were at the top of the page and I just thought "Wow, that woman has my brain!" Of course, not really. But the way she does color and pattern are so inspiring to me and if I had the time, energy, materials and could make magic come out of my fingers... Well, this was the closest I had seen at the time. She really inspires me. :)

Anyway, close the politico page, msn news, where ever your head has been stuck and refresh yourself with a look at pretty things. :)


  1. Those are really pretty blogs. I do like pretty blogs but I think I like blogs with content better than blogs of prettiness. I lack prettiness in my surroundings right now but so you'd think I'd love finding beautiful blogs! I remember planning to respond to your earlier post but forgot as soon as I walked away from the computer. Here is a recent find of mine:

    Hm, I can't find any others in my reader. I will have to check out yours. :-) And I will email you about that joy sign!

  2. That is a nice one. I'll have to be checking back with her. :)