Monday, August 2, 2010

On Saturday a dear friend of mine took my daughter Elisa and I out for my birthday.

First we went to the Decorette Shop in SE Portland. Lately my girls and I have been watching lots of cake decorating videos on YouTube. Anything you want to learn in the whole wide world, I swear it's on YouTube. My son listens to Japanese lessons, Fiona is trying to learn Celtic dancing, there are grammar videos... Everything. But lately, for us it's the cake decorating videos. My bright idea is that if God ever blesses us again with gentler financial days and we don't need to rent out the upstairs, the girls could get the kitchen upstairs certified and make candy and cakes up there. Maybe, maybe not, but in the meantime it's fun to investigate the whole cake decorating thing. There are so many tips and accessories and colors and of course GLITTER. We just bought a couple new toys and continued on.

We hit St. Cupcake on Belmont and got a goodie.

Poked around Noun.

Wandered up to Za Zen and my daughter got a good deal on a dress and I saw some of the coolest shrinky dink earrings. I will definitely have to play with that idea! Those aren't them, I got that pic off a tutorial page.
I'm sure, like most things, it's harder than it looks. But the learning curve is part of the fun...

It was a good day. The weather has been perfect classic Oregon, 82 or so with a hint of a breeze. Perfect to me anyway. Today I hope to get some lesson planning done. Wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like a great day. I agree about the perfect weather.

    How did the lesson planning go?

  2. Mrs. Darling came over for a chat and lesson planning went out the window. But it was all good anyway.. Maybe today..