Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm in love.

I picked this up at Michaels yesterday. It's scandalously expensive for a magazine, I must say. But oh, swoon. Every page is a feast for the eyes, a tidbit of encouragement, a vision wanting to happen.

 You know when you were a kid, maybe there was a fun uncle giving helicopter rides on the lawn, or a really fun looking ride at the fair, and you could only think, "Wow! Me too! Me too! I wanna do it too!" It wasn't enough to watch someone else experience the exhilaration, you must experience it too!

I think as adults we still get that feeling. It may be from watching people in love, or holding a new baby of their own, taking a trip, skydiving, (or for my husband, jet skiing and mountain climbing.)we just wanna do it too!

I get that feeling from watching people create beautiful things. I wanna smear paint, clip fabric, paste, draw, and make the pictures that are in my head come out into the real world. I love that sort of thing. Walking around in an art supply or craft store is a chance for me to hyperventilate. Blogs that are beautiful, make everyday life beautiful, encourage others to take stock of the beauty in their own life... swoon. That's the stuff of heaven for me. I'm going to try to carve out a moment to visit some of the blogs in here.

What is your "I wanna do that too?"

What are your favorite "beautiful blogs?"


  1. One of my favorites is here:

    I love seeing people take ugly usuable items and transforming them to something pretty and functional. I must admit, it's my passion too.

  2. And you're good at it too. Those were fun chairs she did.

    Do you know how to upholster Amy?

  3. My "I wanna do thats" are so many that it has always been difficult for me to actually choose something and focus on it!

    The painters, Brad and Ray Hendershot really inspired me. I hope and pray to be able to paint the way they do sometime over the years. (Their links are in the side bar on my blog).

    The other thing is beautiful guitar music. I've always longed to play the guitar, but kept myself to busy to ever accomplish much. I've realized that here at official "mid-life" if I don't focus on it now, I really might not get to play on this side of eternity. So I'm practicing again.

    I love the re-decorating blogs. The Lettered Cottage and A Beach Cottage are two of my favorites.