Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zeke turned 6 back in May. But he told us at that time that his hearts desire was to take snacks to Oaks Park in a lunch box. (Somebody asked us recently why our kids always ask for weird things for their birthday. Well, it's true, they do. Noah asked for a garbage truck once and last year Owen said he wanted coffee and carrots.)

Well, Oaks Park isn't open in May, so he had to wait. After I heard about the library reading program's free day, he had to wait even longer. (Well, do you know how much it costs for our family to all get ride bracelets at Oaks Park?!?)

Joseph, well armed.

We should have done our family portrait here. Wish I'd have thought of it!


Well, it was a pretty fun day. The big kids had a few friends there and went on the Screaming Eagle over and over. Oaks Park is a pretty fun and we have gone there for years. I'm sure all my kids will have fond memories of that place.


  1. What fun. We have fond memories of Oaks Park. But oh, the crowds on that library day.

  2. They actually started to spread it over two days now so it wasn't NEARLY as bad. Just a little busier than an ordinary day.

  3. Looks like great fun! I especially like the fun mirror picture. Coffee and carrots, eh? That is a little different. :)

  4. So fun! People around here are really want to go roller skating there sometime soon.