Friday, September 10, 2010

I hope nobody who comments here is thinking I am criticizing their blog. Not everybody HAS to do a certain kind of blog, and there's nothing wrong with Victorian if you really do like it. (And Wayside Wanderer, I found your blog because Marbel suggested it as a "beautiful blog." :)  And not everybody has the time to edit HTML (or has a teenage daughter that you can ask to do it for you) I'm probably over thinking as my son always accuses me of doing. (He over thinks too!)

I guess my lament is like Mrs. Darling said in the comments and in writing this is really true too. There are SKADS of Christian writers out there, but all the books seem to kind of follow the same theme (Historic Christian probably romance in there too type.) and they are pretty shallow. Christian music? Same thing. Why?
Are we stretching ourselves? Has our God gotten smaller? Are we more comfortable with predictability and things that go a little different scare us?

I don't know. I just wonder about these things. I hope I haven't made anybody feel bad. It's more my own personal lament than directed toward any certain person... It's my own thing, I'm sure.

But isn't it weird? On one hand the wishy washy thing, the "anything is art" thing and on the other all the predictable Hallmark card-y stuff? I can't solve it. I'm not really an artist, maybe that's the thing. I feel like if I call myself an artist there's some sort of responsibility that goes with it and frankly I don't think I fill it. Maybe I'll call  myself a decorator.

And now that I've completely made NO SENSE I'll go clean the kitchen and do something predictable.


  1. Kerri, I just want you to know I enjoy your ponderings.

    I think that there is a certain subset of Christians who want to stick to a formula that seems "safe." Someone told me she listens to nothing but Christian music because "it's safe." She is not talking keeping her kids' ears safe from profane or otherwise objectionable music. She is scared for herself. She couldn't say what she is scared of.

    It's like the homeschool mom stereotype: the jumper-wearing, wheat-grinding, pastel-colored lady with long hair. Nothing wrong with any of those things until it becomes a formula everyone has to follow.

    (If I had the money and space I'd buy a wheat grinder myself. But I am too round for jumpers. I'd do more cool stuff with the blog if I had time and expertise.)

  2. So am I'm walking through Walmart fuming because they don't sell a teapot and the worker in that department doesn't even know what one is, it occurred to me that I shouldn't have said "I'd do more cool stuff with the blog..." without adding that it's a little too minimalist for my taste. I would like to make it prettier. Snazzier. Someday. Maybe.

  3. I've enjoyed your art conversation! And I agree with you about Victorian being fine, too, I just mean that you can still be very feminine and not be all about the lace, fans, and pearls. :)

    I like your thoughts especially knowing your are an artist yourself.

  4. I really enjoyed the video. (I actually have an Earth, Wind & Fire album on my shelf somewhere.) Anyway - it got me up & going this morning!
    Janet W