Friday, September 3, 2010

Another thing that has helped to make canning more smoothly is that I have discovered that playing a movie makes the work a little more enjoyable. I usually don't allow movies during the daytime but peeling and coring are pretty brainless activities, so it's nice to have something else to do with your mind.

Certain movies have a certain feel. Some seem like summery movies, some fall, winter, etc. Here are some movies we especially like to watch in the summer. Not necessarily new, just favorites.

I love Sophia Loren in this... And oh, yeah, Cary Grant too. :)

The girls and I are unashamedly fond of "chick flicks". But even Forrest liked this one. It had some pretty funny spots. It's PG-13 so you might want to review the reasons and see if it would be OK for your family. There wasn't anything super overt, but a few brief moments...

Love "The Importance of Being Ernest" Can't even think how many times we've seen it. Besides, it has Colin Firth. :)

This is the Bollywood version of "Sense and Sensibility"and it is very sweet. Not good for watching when you are supposed to be doing something with your hands (because of the subtitles) but very good for a late night movie with the windows open and summer night air coming in...

Oh this is a hoot, cuz it's so cheesy! But I love cheesy things, so I never get tired of it. You know if you kiss a girl you gotsta marry her cuz it's the code of the hills...

And for more on India, this is a keeper. It can be sad and hard to watch in spots, but the hopeful, triumphal theme is a balm over it all. Very good movie.

I love all the old Disney Classic animation movies, but Sleeping Beauty is my favorite. I love the different drawing style in it. I will watch movies just for the visual interest and this one is one of the best for that.

Am I the only one who thinks Hayley Mills is just too cute? Shayleen and I like to watch this just for the clothes.. So fun, so retro..

Maybe we watch too many movies...

Well, do you have any summer movie recommendations?


  1. I must be movie illiterate cause the only one of those Ive seen is Sleeping Beauty!

  2. I love movies too. I kind of think they're the literature of our day and age. It may be a sad commentary on the literary abilities of our culture, but there's some great storytelling going on in the movies!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I am always looking for something good to put in my Netflix queue.

  4. Mrs. Darling, not even "That Darn Cat"? It is so OLD! I would think that even a nice respectable Mennonite girl could watch "That Darn Cat."

    At someone else's house or something, that is. I mean we couldn't have a TV in our own house but..

    And Amanda, I agree. There are a lot of good story lines in movies. And I think film making in general as an art form is getting a lot better. I really don't feel too bad about watching movies, as long as we are reading too.

  5. Kerri, these are fun recommendations! I'd forgotten about "That Darn Cat!" The girls and I will have fun with this. :)