Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In which I tell a sad, sad story...

My drawings are like children to me. I fuss over them, I love them, I get angry with them... I had the most lovely time drawing this one...

I love bright, clear colors.  I was so happy with the way the orange and the green were getting along.. 

And then... 
(No it wasn't the boys this time.. their destruction would have been more complete...) 

But still, and then I went outside to take pictures and!!!!!!

What on earth are they!!!! I don't know. *sigh*
Well, what to do. Keep it? I put it into the shop anyway, at half price. (and included pictures of the spots) They don't show that much. I think once it's framed nobody would notice. But man, I could just cry. Think I'll have a bowl of ice cream instead. *sigh*

Have you tried the new Tillamook Ice Cream feature flavor, Cinnamon Bun swirl?


  1. Hmmm... I had a hard time finding the spots. Is it handmade paper? Would it be covered up by a mat?

    They still are pretty flowers! I love your bright colors.

  2. I don't see the spots either, but my computer screen could use a cleaning. It is a beautiful picture, and I do understand the desire for it to be just what you want. I'm sorry.
    I've never had Tillamook Ice Cream. I wonder if they sell it here in TX.

  3. Nope. I dont see any spots either but I do agree that the pic is a beauty!

  4. Well, they are there. I tried to see if I could scrape them off a little with a knife, but nope.
    Wayside, Tillamook is a local brand, but I thought they shipped all over? I think they are more known for their cheese.

  5. haha I JUST realized they made that flavor of ice cream. It sounds wonderful.