Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shayleen and I watched Julie and Julia together the other day.

 I really liked it. I've heard some people say they only liked the Julia aide of the story much, but I liked both. Maybe partly because I think Amy Adams is just the cutest thing. I think it's her nose. She's just adorable.

But I also kid of related her character.  The feelings she had about turning 30 and not have really accomplished the things she wanted to and even suffering guilt because she wonders if the things she wants are just stupid and a waste of time and wondering if you were just fooling yourself to think you could ever do anything in the first place... Oh, I so have that one down. At one point she was worrying all this over and I kind of mentioned to Shay that I could relate to the things she was saying and Shay burst out "Oh, Mama, she is SO you." 

And of course Meryl Streep. I mean... she's Meryl Streep...

I found it comforting that Julia didn't REALLY learn to cook until she was almost 40. It never bothered me to turn 30 but now at 40 I'm thinking more about not being able to do things I want to do just because human beings are only allotted so much time on this earth. There are so many interesting things in this world!
And I would really like to Paint. Draw. Do textile art. I do already a little bit but what is on the paper isn't what is in my head yet. I want to be able to put down what is in my head. 

Well, Julia became one of the world's greatest cooks and she didn't start till she was 40. So I guess there's hope for me yet.


  1. Hi Kerri! Have you read any books by Ralph Moody? He's kind of a male version of Laura Ingalls Wilder. He kept journals, promising himself that he would write about his family's pioneering life when he reached 50, and he did. He wrote books such as Man of the Family and Little Britches, and many more.

    I hope you get do some of that art work you're longing to do.

  2. Paul and I LOVED this movie and we both found it inspiring too - to take on challenges, try new things, treat each other well, etc.