Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One thing that was mentioned in the Julie and Julia movie (and that I have heard many times referred to before) is the self centered nature of Blogging... Why is blogging self centered? I suppose it could be if the only reason one does it is so they can pontificate unceasingly about every little aspect of their life, but I do wonder why it would be seen as any more or less self centered than say, writing articles or making a comment in a conversation? I have been a pretty lazy sporadic blogger. But I have met three people in real life from blogging. One has become a very, very good friend that I wouldn't have otherwise. I keep in general touch with a couple people and I got to meet another new friend last week as she and her husband drove through our area on a trip. And we out of that we got an invitation to drive up to her place and go sailing. :) I really hope our summer schedule allows us to make that trip!

For a while I got waylaid from blogging into the world of Facebook. Facebook is really good for some things. It is really fun for looking at each others' pictures. In our church we do a lot of things together and there are always pictures of your own kids being taken by someone else, or funny pictures of mutual friends, etc. For that, Facebook is great. But for conversation, Blogging is so much better. I hardly ever post the things I find interesting or say much on Facebook because it doesn't seem like I should clog up other people's news feeds with a bunch of my stuff. But if someone is coming to my blog they can decide whether they want to or not.

Blogging gives you a chance to talk about things that maybe people in real life aren't all that interested in. Sometimes you get to connect with people from around the country who do find the same things interesting that you do. Some blogs are very centered around a topic, cooking, knitting, homeschooling... Some are random mom blogs, student blogs.. I like to just hop around and look at blogs. People are interesting. It's interesting the variety of blogs out there and what people find to talk about. Sometimes you can start with links from one type of blog and end up with a completely different sort of blog and not even remember how you got there.

Anyway, I've decided to get back to blogging. Which maybe explains why I've actually been posting lately. :)

One blog my kids and I ran across the other day gave us quite a few laughs was this one:

They haven't posted in a while, but we really found some of the old posts fun. I hope they do some more.


  1. Hi Kerri,
    Debra also LOVED meeting your girls. She couldn't believe she finally met some friends who know and enjoy many of the same books she enjoys.

    We mean it, too. Please come for a visit. There is sailing on Bellingham Bay or Lake Whatcom, and even visiting at home, like we did at your place, will be fun!

    Daughter Lydia has talked me into posting on my blog again, too. She likes to look back at old posts to see what was happening. So, for her, I'll try to be a better blogger. :P

    I'm glad you're blogging more.

  2. Yep Im trying to blog more too but man, its hard with so much going on!

    Hey if you took off the utube video in the post below your middle area here would return to normal size.

  3. I'm glad you are blogging again too.

    I thought about clogging up people's news feed last week when it seemed like the news and blogs were full of stuff my family and friends should see. It didn't stop me, though. :-)

  4. Mrs. Darling, my middle is normal sized, to me. What size is it to you?

    Shayleen thought my template was boring so she got this one somewhere else.. I don't know where.

    I LIKE my video!

    Marbel, isn't it weird how some people will go to facebook but never do blogs? I find it an odd quirk of human nature.

  5. Umm, rather, that was me..

  6. Hello Kerri,

    I'm glad you enjoyed our blog - thank you so much for mentioning it. It's true that over the last few months other projects seem to be taking up a lot of time for all 3 of us. although we intend to keep posting whenever we can.

    Best wishes,