Wednesday, July 14, 2010

By the way, I was joking a little bit with the post below, but not really. All those things are actually things that I have beaten myself up over-or maybe that other woman has-at other times. Maybe not stringing harps, but for sure stress over wondering if we are doing enough on the intellectual plane and if I'm wrong to be so neglectful of Latin. I can see the value of Latin and have we've dabbled in the roots area but I kind of feel like maybe we shoud be paying more attention to it.  And even as I was typing it, part of me was thinking, "Well, yeah, that's how it oughta be... If we just get our schedule tighter, if we train those boys better, if I get up earlier..."

The thing about this woman is she is just like Bev said. She always comes to me at the point of my failure and she never sees the things I do well. She gives me these pictures of the way I ought to be, but she never presents it all at once, so I could really see all of it together. I mean there are so many hours in a day. And she is unrelenting in her expectations. Everyday, all day... I think I should name her like Bev does, maybe that would help me to keep her more under control. Sometimes recognition is the key.

Anyway, back to homeschooling. I did mean to get there.  

The reason I went over some of the stuff (two posts ago) about the things I think are pretty foundational in the way to think about school is I think if we keep some simple things in mind our schooling will be more of a joy to us, and more impactful. We ought to know why we  are doing what we are doing-not just in homeschooling at all, but in the subjects we are presenting. Why did I make Shayleen do that chapter on Chinese history three times? I can't really remember. I don't think it was probably a very good reason. 

On the whole, I think if your homeschooling time is just one big long chore, then you are probably doing something wrong. I'm not saying there are never times to discipline or buckle down and do something not-so-fun, but I don't think that should be the majority of the school day. Especially in the younger grades. 

There is a lot of talk about the "simple life". People crave a simple life. They know they are scattered, indecisive, and feel overwhelmed with the choices they have. Often we are presented with a vision for "getting back to basics" and are told if we just get back to sewing our own clothes, canning, making our own bread and cheese, etc. that that will be the simple life. But that is not the simple life. Often is just ends in more burdens, guilt and complexity in trying on that level to discern what is best. 

I think the path to the simple life is to fix your eyes one one goal and follow that one with your whole heart. Do not allow your eyes to wander from the right or to the left. 

What is the chief and highest end of man? To glorify God and enjoy him forever. 

Not to get in a higher math book that the other kids, not to show your public school teacher friend that homeschooled kids can and often do perform well on the SAT, not to figure out neat projects so you can take pictures and put them on your blog, not to pressure your kids into some performance level that will kick you up into the "Oh So Stellar Family" tier at church. Not so you can show other prospective families what a good catch your son/daughter will be in marriage.... no no no no.

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

More later.


  1. Well whichever woman is there with you today I am jealous of her because I want to be that woman! Im missin' ya and I cant find the time to come visit! I tutor for two hours this morning. I finish at 11:30 after which I take tink to meet the bus that will take her to teen camp in seattle. Shes going with our youth group! I took her in and had her nails done, carefully irond and pressed every outfit, bought her new sandles, and pretty body wash and a new gorgeous notebook and pen to take notes with and of course they match the outfits she is wearing...I mean everyone knows you have to have a pen to match your toenails and outfits, right? Oh boy, did I have fun. I hope it didnt teach her any bad habits that will stick for life! I just got sooooo into it, ya know? Anyway after she leaves I pick up Hailey so she can play with the kids I babysit who are all three here today. Anyway I said all that to say that I want to come visit but I cant! :(

  2. OF COURSE her pens need to match her toenails. I mean that's her small part of bringing order and harmony to the universe, right?

    I hope you're having a good day today! :)