Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Visitor

Rand's mom has had a series of little possum babies captured in her garage. We think the mother died. Anyway, in the interest of biology...or something... he brought one of them home for the kids to see. Irene kept it in a bucket in her room for a few days. Mainly, I think, she liked the shock value in showing him off to her friends. :) But he started to get a little grumpy (can't imagine why) so we soon let him go.
We had a pet rat for a while. It took me a little to get used to her, but I really didn't mind her. She was actually very sweet. I've heard of people keeping possums. But I don't think I could EVER get used to one, even if it was tame. For some reason it just gave me the willies every time I looked at it. 


I recently read this book to my boys

and it was a lot of fun. It was all about all the wild pets the author kept with her kids over the years. We learned a bit about crows especially, reading it.

But on the whole, I think I prefer pets of the domesticated sort. 


  1. Cute pic. Ugly possum.
    Hey I didnt end up going to Idaho then. I just couldnt get everything arranged here so my brother Ted took my place.

  2. The first picture reminds me of a bottle brush. Love that sweet baby and puppy picture....and I understand about having weird creatures in bedrooms. :p

  3. Eww, sorry, possums are kind of cute-ish, outside. But in the house, no thanks. We are very conventional when it comes to pets.

    Which reminds me I want Eleanor to read Rascal. I keep forgetting to give it to her.