Sunday, October 17, 2010

I hear that in the world of personality types there is like 5% extreme introvert and 5% extreme extrovert and then the rest of the world falls in between somewhere. Whenever I've taken any type of personality test I always fall in that 5% extreme introvert.

My bestie Mrs. Darling however-well, I don't know if she's ever taken a test but if she did she would be in the 5% extreme extrovert I am quite sure. Which is why we get along so well. She talks all she wants with me, (unless I have some bee in my bonnet, then she gets to listen a little) and she doesn't obligate me to talk. It's a good working relationship.

So the other day she comes over and we got to discussing vacations and how she doesn't want to Disney World again, they've done it so many times. Through the course of the discussion she realizes that I really have no clue what all there is at Disney World. The more she described it the more I got that horrifying feeling of noise, crowds, over stimulation, and wondering where on earth a person could get some peace! That is how I know I would feel there, just by the way she was describing it, that is. And I was thinking the perfect vacation for me would involve quiet, books, art supplies, and no phone, people... just quiet.

So, I told you that to tell you this. Here it is. My perfect vacation spot.

All I need is someone to pack in all my paint, fabric and knitting supplies. I would like the mirror room please.

What is your dream vacation?


  1. You are hilarious!!! Actually I did try to get a camping trip organized about two years ago that would involve tree houses. There is a place in california that has a tree house campground. BUT...the difference between me and thee is that there would be no knitting and painting supplies going along. I'm sure you are going to have a hard time believing what I am going to say next but here is the truth..I was planning this trip only if our four camping buddy families went along!!!! Bwahahahahhaa! Thats right. The people must go where I go. I need people!

    My ideal vacation is anywhere there are a lot of touristy things to do! I feel like the little Mermaid, "I just want to go where the people are."

  2. Oh this looks like my kind of vaca.

    I loved Disneyland but we never did get our kids there. We knew James couldn't handle the stimulation when he was little. We thought we'd go when he was about 10. But we moved instead. Now we are closer to D.World but the travel funds are, um, gone. :-) So is the desire, really. I would like my kids to experience Disney at some point in their lives. It's such an American icon.

    But a cabin in the woods, on some body of water, with books, music, hiking boots and my little family is really what I like.

    There is a treehouse resort in southern Oregon; some friends stayed there once and said it was fabulous!

  3. I am not sure what I think about that video. All those stairs! I'm worn out just thinking about them.

    I like to go places where I can pretend I live there. I want to blend in, unpack, and nest with all my family and stuff......or just my stuff. haha. I am not too picky about where...beach, mountains, city, country or even a foreign country....whatever. I did learn I am not much of a forest dweller earlier this year. I do need to see the sunshine sometime during the day. And I need a few running water and electricity. Some sort of nature and beauty is good.

    No crowds, and touristy stuff at a distance so I can go if I want but I am not stuck in the middle of it. And I have never ever ever wanted to go to Disney anything. It sounds like torment. I don't even like going to 6 flags and we just went to the Tx State Fair and afterwards I told my family that I am just not Fair People. I could die happy never going there again. But I do like people (just not en masse) and need relationships, but just not overly much.


  4. Leslie, I like to do that too-visit towns. Especially small ones, (maybe because we are from the city so small town culture is interesting to me.) I like to go to the local cafes and just watch people and listen to their conversations and read the local paper and see what the buzz is in a given area. Kind of an armchair sociologist I guess. :)

    Oh, and interestingly I was reading an Oregon history book that some folk who came over here from more open areas went absolutely nuts with all those trees and felt like they needed to cut them down so they could see the sky again. :) Also a girl I know from one of the plains states said she always felt claustrophobic here. I like forests and trees though. I guess I'm used to the sheltering feeling they give me.

    I don't not like people. But I get tired and I have to pull back and have quiet and recharge. This would be a recharge vacation to me. But I do like to go places where there are people too. Mostly I think the variety of stimulation and choices at an Epcot center type thing would leave me feeling confused and overwhelmed. I get that way just wandering my local grocery store. But at the same time I do enjoy the city (Portland) when I know my way around well. So maybe if I had a good amount of time to get my bearings it would be OK.

    Mrs. Darling you know I have absolutely no trouble in believing that. :) and you would cook for them all and have that place in tip top shape and laugh and talk all night long. :) You would probably be crazy by weeks end all by your lonesome up in some forest tree. :)

  5. I like both vacation ideas! How regularly do you think they clean the mirror cube? That was awesome.

  6. Cool hotel - eerie music, though. Is the hotel nearby? There are treehouse bed and breakfasts in Oregon. I always thought it would be fun to indulge there sometime. Rather than painting/creating, I would be reading and listening to the birds.

  7. Correction - I wouldn't be reading to the birds. I would be reading for myself while I listened to the nature around me.