Friday, February 5, 2010

I don't know why I just haven't been able to get into blogging lately.  I could use the excuse of time, but I know I've certainly spent enough time on facebook or looking at other peoples' blogs.  Somehow I just can't find a "skin" on this blog that I've been able to get comfortable with.  "It's Blogger!" says my HTML savvy daughter. "They've put so many widgets and stuff into it that it's hard to work with!"  Maybe that's it.  Plus the severe lack of a camera.  She set me up a site at Webs.  Which I haven't even posted at yet... Maybe it's just because I've been feeling a lot of angst and no answer for it.  Who wants to read a lot of that?  Anyway I also feel like we've been going through changes and while I try to figure them out, maybe it's better just to keep one's mouth shut.  I don't know.

Even with the slow economy and the money worries that are the constant companion of the self employed, this has been a very nice winter.  Shayleen has turned 18 and is trying to find a job, trying to find her slot in adult life.  She said it's like waiting at a highway entrance, trying to find a slot to merge into.  A pretty good analogy I think.  Forrest is 16 now.  He's full of angst a lot of the time too.  He's so much like me.  Constantly thinking too much, over analyzing, making things more difficult than they need to be, task oriented, critical, etc. etc... He's gotten into economics and thinks that will be his future path of study.  I love that my kids pick up things that I wouldn't always pick up myself.  It gives me an opportunity to learn about new stuff.  Last Sunday I came home from church and watched a documentary on Ludwig Von Mises.  Heheh.  Fun.

Shayleen continues to homeschool the girls and I school the boys.  Owen is plugging along at reading. It doesn't come easily for him.  He still turns letters around and sometimes tries to read words from the wrong end.  Noah on the other hand is about to make the leap into reading independently.  I always breath a sigh of relief when I get them to that point.  Zeke started school this year and so far he is a breeze.  He hardly turns his letters around and seems to be able to make the leap from making individual sounds to blending them together quite naturally.

If the boys do all their bookwork during the week diligently I make Fridays more fun. I read more, and we are going to do some Origami today.  No workbooks, yeah!  I guess I will just try to keep up posting here, just for myself.  I can't even claim some mom or aunt that might be interested.  Oh well.  I think I did my best blogging back at my old Homeschooler blog and I kind of miss it.  Homeschool blogger has a nice community feel, but it always seemed to have a bunch of glitches and it's hard for anyone who doesn't have an account to comment.

Off to my boys!


  1. Well bless my soul and rock the stars, you posted again! Now keep it up! I love reading your blog!

  2. Oh my word I am signed into my tutoring account. Oh well, you know who I am! LOL

  3. Glad to see you back. I may not be an aunt, but I sure do enjoy reading what you have to say. :)

  4. Me too. My blog is pushing 2 years of neglect and I just don't have the heart to log into FB either. Too much wasted time in my life looking for corners of comfort, creativity, and connection. The angst in my life seems to be part of the stretching and growing as I am learning to seek God alone to fill the void. (That donut shaped hole in the middle of your heart like the Donut Man says! :)...Now I want a donut to fill the void. haha)
    Anyway, nice to be able to check in with you and see you're here. :)
    Annddd, I am jealous you have a second teacher at home. That must be so nice.

  5. Hi Kerri,
    I loved reading what you had to say. It brings back memories of when our children were little and all being schooled at home. I had help, too, from daughter Rebecca. She helped me select curriculum, and kept her younger sister and brother on track with their daily studies.

    Say, we probably have some similar ages among our kids. Wonder if our two families could get to know one another sometime without it seeming like momma matchmaking?