Saturday, October 31, 2009

I just can't sleep tonight. 
Tell me, what is it with us women?  Why do we seem to constantly need to pick and criticize each other?  It seems to be a trait particular to us. Why do we seem to take the ministry of getting everybody else straight onto our own shoulders and set about to take everyone else to task?  Why can't we be more kind?  What is it about us that makes us want to sharpen our tongues?
We women are very good at chit chat.  But it's very few friends that one can feel like they can let their guard down and be at home with.  These people are precious.  I want to be more like that. 

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  1. I think some of those women have a desperate need to feel better about themselves. If everyone else is doing it wrong, then they're superior. I don't know, but it is very tiring and I too long for friendships where I can be "real" and not suffer from backstabbing and being made to feel guilty-to be safe. To uplift and encourage instead of being torn down and torn apart. Ugh. It's kind of been an ongoing struggle, dealing with women like this, for me lately, can you tell? :)