Saturday, February 27, 2010

People we love.

A friend at church recently gave Elisa a camera and she is having a lot of fun with it.
I must say, I just love this baby. It is so much fun to have a girl after four boys in a row. Not that boys don't have their own kind of fun and sweetness, but it's different having a girl and I've forgotten how different and so it's fun to have baby girliness anew. She "chatters" all the time. It's just so cute and fun. The girls paint her toenails and it seems like she likes it, and she seems to like wearing dresses and stuff like that, even though she can't say so.  I do so enjoy my babies. What a blessing God has given my to be able to share a life with all these fun interesting young people.

Here are a couple other dear lives that the Lord brings to us.  Lately we are a "coffee stop in" for another family of boys.  Scott (the oldest) works off and on for my husband as a subcontractor (he has his own contracting company) and is finishing up college. Our house is about halfway between his school and his house and so he often stops in for a few minutes at a time to refill his cup. Sometimes he has a younger brother in tow.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a bit of a predisposition toward melancholy.  Scott is unendingly cheerful.  When he walks in he brings all the cheerful bluster and noise of young manhood.  He's so much fun to have around! And a blessing to us all as he fills the role of "big brother who has gone away to college but shows up from time to time to boss everyone else around."

Rand took some of the kids up to the mountain to play in the snow.  


Are these not a couple of the coolest guys you ever did see?

We are just oozing with coolness.
Haha, fun.  I love those silly kids.

Speaking of people we love, my middle girls got to go have a sleep over with friends. One of
the families from our church has a set of three girls that are conviniently age paired with my
three middle girls. And blessing of blessing (and perhaps miracle) they ALL get along! :) So my girls got to have a sleep over with them and do all the fun, zany things girls do, including 
making a couple movies. The one above is based on the Julian Smith video "Malk"

If you haven't discovered Julian Smith yet, you simply must. He is hilarious and talented and a home school grad to boot. :) He has lots of videos on youtube to peruse through sometime
when you need a good laugh.

Today I am feeling sick, sitting in bed. Upstairs I can here Christopher playing his sax as his brother and bride to be are moving in upstairs.

We decided to rent out our upper level just to kind of give our budget a little breathing room. 
Rand hasn't been too idle with the economy, which I'm thankful for as some people we know have been very, VERY slow, but he's had to lower his rates and the types of jobs he's been 
getting are smaller and more maintenance like, which means more time on paper work and 
less payable hours. I think it will be fun though, to have Zack and Hannah here. Hannah is a
pro gardener, so I told her she could have free rein in the yard. "I don't want to intrude" she 
says. "No,no, no, you just go right ahead!" says I. I am a terrible gardener.

Well, that's all the new that's fit to print!

By the way, on my window the words are all wonky. (splitting up at the end of a line, leaving lines blank.. wierd. ) I tried to fix it, but it isn't working and I don't know why. Hopefully it isn't that way for anyone else, but I did try to fix it!


  1. Great to see you, and the photos of your lovely (and cool) family.

  2. Tink had shown me that video on facebook. Your kids did an excellent job replaying it! LOL