Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nope, no baby yet.
I was going to induce on Saturday, but after thinking about it, we decided to go for Monday. We had thought maybe Saturday, but I know my energy cycle all too well, and I am usually too exhausted on Saturday to get much done at all, let alone labor. Then I go to church, have communion, a little encouragement, visit with people, rest, and generally on Monday I feel much, much better. To start the cycle for the week over again. Also, the baby seems to want to turn posterior, and that means back labor. So I'm hoping if I get down on my hands and knees and scrub floors it will help gravity help me, and the baby's back will turn away from mine. I wish we were all done and I could see my baby and know everything is OK, etc. I am ready to be done.

Monday we were blessed by our dear friend Mrs. Darling with an invitation to go bake cookies at her house. My kids absolutely love Mrs. Darling. When most grown-ups come over they clear out, thinking the conversation will be quite dull. Not with Mrs. Darling! Then they show up, coffee cups in hand wondering what int-er-es-ting things she will talk about today! Like the time she talked about her dad finding a dead body on a boat or growing up in a timber family in backwoods Estacada> Shayleen says she's like the line in "Sense and Sensibility" when the youngest daughter says "I like her. She talks about things." Yes indeedy!

I forgot the camera. Well I forgot to tell Shay to bring her camera, since technically, I don't have one. But we did take a few pictures when we got home, to show the fruits of our labors.

I think Zeke is already experiencing a sugar high...


Noah inspects cookies..

Mrs. Darling caught some much better pictures than I did. Isn't that the nice thing about getting together with fellow bloggers? If one doesn't get pictures, the other will, and they are sure to be shared. :) And she sent us home with plates and plates. Now, isn't that a sign of a true friend? When they send you home with cookies?

Also, Marbel has a hymn posted on her blog of one of my very favorite hymns that we sing at our church for advent.

I didn't actually watch the video, just listened to it. It's such a Christ centered hymn, and haunting and beautiful.


  1. Great photos of what looks like a really fun day. Love the new picture at the top too!

    Can't wait to "meet" the new baby. Will Mrs. D or one of the kids post a birth announcement? Please?

  2. Do you have comment moderation on. I posted a comment and it disappeared.

  3. Well that one showed up so Ill try again. I was just saying that the pic of Zeke tackling that marshmallow is just too cute and Noah inspecting them. Goodness, I hope they passed his inspection.

    Thanks for you kind words of friendship. I love it when your kids gather in with their coffee cups. Intelligent converstaions are hard to come by in most circles. Thank God we are intelligent people! Bwahahahaha!

    Isnt that pic of Shay on my blog expounding over that book just too priceless! I mean its just so shayish!

    We're leaving for Seattle friday and getting home Monday so I probably wont see you before that baby gets here. I am going to really be praying for you though. Im just all stressed out about it. I guess my friends shouldnt be having babies because Im too old to approach it with any common sense. Im just biting my nails for you!

    I just cant wait to see what you're having and to hold the little child! What a great Christmas gift your family will have.

    "To us a child of Hope is Born!"

    Oh goodness, this is so exciting, I seriously cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Are you sure that you don't want to wait till Thursday?? :-D Just kidding!

  5. I love the picture of Zeke. His eyes look just a little crazed - exactly like my boys do when they're running on sugar.
    The cookies sure look wonderful. Yummmy.

    I am praying for your baby to come soon and on its' own, and to turn itself so your labor will go easy.

  6. Sounds like a precious and fun time of fellowship.

    Now, you just need to meet the newest member of your family!