Friday, May 28, 2010

The tractor came back. We had to fix the leaky wall in our basement, and now that done, we have to do something with all that dirt we took out. Because what we took out doesn't even come close to fitting back into the hole from which it was removed! Scott again comes to our rescue-his mom needs new dirt. They live in the country and they have room for things like dirt. We are city dwellers and have no room for dirt here.

After Forrest drove for a while Scott decided that a well rounded education for a young lady should include excavation. He told Shayleen that she would drive it, no we are not taking no for an answer. Your chariot awaits Shay. He's such a gentleman helping her up.

Ok, this button, this lever-or whatever, I don't know. I didn't drive the thing.

Got it?

Maybe now that she has this under her belt she should expand her job search to the construction fields... Well, maybe not...

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