Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turn of the Wheel

We live in a time where everything is feeling rather unstable. I no longer wonder to myself about where we will be in ten or twenty years. I wonder where we will be next year. Sometimes it feels as though the very ground is moving. I have to admit we've been shoring up a bit. And I'm wishing I was a more talented gardener. But mostly I'm looking around wondering how to interpret these days? Could these be the "last days" as the premillennialists say? Are all our efforts as moms and families to come to naught, plowed over by the careening train of socialism and government take over? I know that some days while I am busy training children in not only the Word, but "worldly cares" like political theory and career ideas and that sort of thing I can be a bit over come with a sense of futility. I am one that runs on vision. I need to feel like I am doing something meaningful, not just in the lives of my children and family, but for the good of the world, for the building of the Lord's Kingdom. And while I can't say I have an inside line to the mind of God, a though has occurred to me that this could be "a turn of the wheel" when those who are on the top will sink to the bottom and those who are on the bottom will be rising to the top. Right now it is very difficult for the righteous to break into any are of government, media, journalism, and more and more it is becoming so for the medical fields and higher teaching. Perhaps for the sake of His people the Lord is rotating the wheel? So that which is at the bottom can come to the top and that which is stifling the top will be broken up and brought down? I pray it is so. I know things are not going to get better tomorrow, maybe not for a very long time. But I must encourage myself and my children that the Lord does take care of the righteous. He knows how to tilt things in time of famine so His own can still be blessed. He is in charge of this wheel.

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