Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy boys

We have a crack all along the length of our basement wall.  The wall is in serious need of repair and we have to dig out the dirt on the outside of the wall to fix it.  Well, some friends of ours had rented a backhoe and didn't need it for the whole time of the rental so they kindly let us use it the last day, and their son helped us for the day.

Having the tractor in our yard made for a rippin' good day for the boys!

Their room was right above the hole so they spent most of the day there.

Can you tell Scott has a few little brothers of his own?  He was so sweet to give Owen "driving lessons".

By mom!  He's off to work!
Carrying the chain to secure it to the trailer.
But oolala, the mud.  I didn't take any pictures of that though.
Well, we got pretty far down, but not far enough, so I guess there will be another "tractor day" for them to look forward to!


  1. Our grandson, who is 2-1/2 years old, could watch construction work all day long. Some new houses are going up in their neighborhood, and that's all I hear about from Diederick when I go over to visit. :P

    Have fun!

  2. What great photos! Your little blondie is gorgeous! What a fun day. My boy would have been excited too!

  3. That looks like so much fun. We need an entirely new basement. I think my boys will love watching that when we finally get it started. :)

  4. So what was the job that needed a tractor? And of course, I would have been excited too, after all, tractors aren't just for little boys, right? haha

  5. Haha! Good to see you Josiah! No tractors aren't just for little boys. I think Scott was having just as much fun as the little guys. :)