Saturday, November 22, 2008

As the weather gets cooler we are reading together more. Reading to the boys is about the only thing that calms their fidgets! Every week I put as much stuff on hold on my library card as I can. They only allow ten holds at a time, but when the stuff arrives at my destination library, they scan it through and I can put more on hold without having picked the other stuff up. I love book lists. I refer to catalogs and lists constantly, especially when I start to notice someone else has the same tastes as I do.

Here are some of the things we've been reading lately. Some worth buying, some are just a "check-out and read a few times" type book:

To the little boys:

Daniel Boone's Great Escape

Patrick Paints a Picture

The Adventures of Brer Rabbit And Friends

Young Mozart (Picture Puffins)

To the kids at lunch I am reading the "Childhood of famous Americans" edition for Sam Houston. Which I can't find anywhere to make a link, so maybe it's out of print. My girls especially really enjoy this series and read these biographies quite willingly.

Shayleen just finished

Letters to a Young Conservative (The Art of Mentoring)

And she really, really enjoyed it. I can tell she enjoys a book when she follows me around the house telling me about it. I didn't read it myself, but she felt that he made conservative arguments quite plain, and maybe more importantly, easier to vocalize and give to others when explaining our view point. Because when have we not been in a situation where someone puts something forth and we don't speak up or defend our own view not necessarily out of cowardliness or uncertainty, but out of not being able to capsulize it into something we can put forth easily and quickly? So based on her reaction to the book, I would recommend it.

Forrest? Computer programming books. Which I have no understanding of, no comment about, nothing to say except, well... I guess someone has to read them. *Yawn*

The Lord bless you and keep you


  1. We love books here too! After a trip to the library, the boys are out of commission for the day - they will sit and read and read. J is just starting to read, but he's just as engrossed as his brother.

    Looks like you have a computer "nerd" there. :) It makes my head spin to even think about computer programming.

  2. If you're a part of a Clackamas County library system like me, as a home school teacher, you can request from your head librarian a "teacher's" account. It's great! I'm allowed 25 holds at once, instead of 10, and I can check out 75 books at once instead of 25. I use it to put everyone's books on my card so that I can easily renew everything we have out and not end up paying late fees on a book one of the kids had out I wasn't aware was coming close to due. As long as you don't have any major dings on your library record, they're likely to give it to you. :)

  3. Those books looks so cute - sigh... tough sometimes being beyond picture book stage.

    Our library has no limit, though when I asked the librarian said "well, at some point we would stop you." We've gotten to the point that when I walk up to the desk, most of the librarians just go get my holds for me. It's like the bartender at our favorite pub knowing your drink before you order! Only cheaper.

    I hope you all have a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I havent read to the kids in forever! My days are too hectic! Im determined to slow them down somehow. This is awful!

  5. Amy, I heard about that, but I thought you had to be an official teacher or something. I'll have to ask next time I go in.

    Margret, I can't imagine no limit! Right now I use both Shayleen and my cards, because it is so hard to keep under 50 items. But I don't like trying to keep track of two cards...

  6. for the record, we get very little snow here. what we had in the picture is long gone, but if I said it was still here--would you move here? ;0)

  7. Hmmm she and her daughter both fell off the cliff. Its sad, really.