Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jostie Flicks

Our family has ten kids. And nooooo dishwasher. So they found this video very, very funny.
Actually this family (I think they have 11 kids) has made a few vidoes that really rang true for my kids. I think there's kind of a "large family fraternity" of sorts. Whenever they meet kids from families with more than like 7 or 8 kids they have instant points of commonality. They also liked the one about being left home alone... eating chips for dinner, jumping on top of a car... and the boy by the piano who is apparently the sensitive one...

"It's fine if you give them small amounts and you help, help, Help them..."


  1. I need...sniff...I need a kleenex. That was SADDDD.

  2. Oh that is funny! As the next to oldest of nine kids growing up without a dishwasher was just like that. Seriously! We did dishes all day on Saturdays and that's no lie. I laughed and laughed at this. Tink came to look over my shoulder and saw nothing funny or sad about it. She wasn't even interested! That's an obvious sign of a child who knows nothing about washing dished by hand!
    Thanks for the laughs and memories!

  3. I know. Someone who has a dishwasher and has never faced a pile after a dinner like Thanksgiving or company would never relate. But my kids... oh, they know. They know. We were just laughing up a storm. :)