Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waking Up

Margaret posted a new blog link up thingy over at Two Kid Schoolhouse that looked interesting. It's called Five Minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama and the idea is she gives a topic and your write for five minutes about whatever comes to mind that day. Well, it isn't Friday anymore, my day was packed. But I liked the idea and thought I would give it a go anyway. 

The topic today is "Waking Up"

And I think that is appropriate because lately I feel like I have been waking up. Waking up to how my own thinking has hindered me and actually held the things I've truly wanted over the years from me. I've always been in the "If you don't expect things to be too good you'll never be disappointed but occasionally you might be pleasantly surprised" camp. Eeyore-ish. I thought I was being realistic or something. But this last year I think God has really been working on me about this. 

I've been struck in the Bible how often God prints in very matter of fact ways impossible things and expects us to believe it. The sun retreating a couple degrees because a king asks for a sign of reassurance. Sampson carrying off the gates of a city. Not to mention a sea that parts, a virgin who gives birth, a boy who kills giants, an ax head that floats, a man swallowed by fish and lives to tell about it, on and on it goes. I've been reading the Old Testament in chronological order to my boys (we are now in Daniel) and sometimes I am just struck at how on the surface it stretches my credulity almost to absurdity! But yet I believe it all to be true and I read it to my boys and I want them to believe it is true. Why has God filled His book with all these stories? Why not just tell of our sin, tell us how to live, you know, leave it at Proverbs and the Epistles and stuff like that? Why all these wild stories? 

Well, maybe because He wants us to live as though we expect Him to do the same for us. Maybe "Realistic Pessimism" is not just "kind of a downer but all too often true" sort of thinking but actually antithetical to the Christian calling of faith and hope? What king is honored by little, tiny requests offered in a "Well, I know this is an inconvenience but if you get a little chance..." sort of attitude. Maybe He wants us to ask for bigger things. Maybe He wants us to look at our difficulty and obstacles and see them as opportunities for us to see just how loving, forgiving, generous and joyful that our God really is. 

So, for me, that is "Waking Up". And I pray to continue to Wake Up!

Just Wake Up Already!


  1. Visiting via 5Min Fridays. Hmmm this post makes me wonder how often I limit God by not asking BIG.

  2. We can only expect miracles with what God has showed us in His word. I am always surprised when God does something fantastical in my life but then why should I be? Even if we have just the faith of a little mustard seed we can move mountains. All things are possible through HIM! Love your post. Just visiting from Gypsy Mama.