Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The last couple of days I have just not been feeling up to par. Earache, sore throat, wheezy and coughing... I feel like someone been sitting on my chest. Why do I always get sick when the weather changes? And why am I always off guard and surprised when it happens? Blah. I just feel like sitting in my chair and vegging out on movies.

On Sunday I sat and watched "League of Grateful Sons" which I got free from Vision Forum months ago but haven't watched because I knew it would make me cry. Well, it did, but it was really good too, I must admit. In the movie this poster came up
which I thought was rather appropriate for election day. *sigh*.

But I am never one to just sit so I took the opportunity to work on this as well

I tried quilting years ago when we were first married. But I am not an organized, precise person. No matter how carefully I cut out those little squares my corners just never, never did line up. I gave it up for a while but then through reading a few articles in Threads (long lost and forgotten) I decided maybe it didn't matter if the corners didn't line up! Maybe the world could make room for a disorganized free for all quilter like me? I tried out my theory on this quilt for Elisa

No worrying about corners. It was my first attempt at hand appliqué as well, and I embroidered lots of Scripture verses into it. Well, it won't win any prizes at a quilt show for sure, but she loved it. It's about 7 years old now and needs some mending and it doesn't quite completely cover her anymore, but she still keeps it on her bed and I pray the verses are emblazoned on her mind!

Anyway, back to the blue one, I machine pieced it, but I am hand quilting the layers together. I used only scraps from my sewing stash (including the batting which is made of flannel I had around.) I am just randomly quilting circles all over it in different colored embroidery floss. 

Today I will go turn in our ballots, thats for sure. (Praying, praying the whole way.) Dinner-meatloaf, salad and spaghetti squash from the garden with a little spaghetti sauce on it and French bread.

I haven't finished Radical Homemakers. Maybe now I will go and read the rest, while the house is quiet and nobody else is up....

What's up with you?


  1. Hi Kerri -

    I love those quilts! Imprecise is just fine ;o) And I love your idea of using flannel for the batting... I do that too because then I don't have to quilt it so closely :D

    Good to "meet" you...


  2. Love your "made with love" quilts and I have a feeling I would be frustrated by corners, too. Details. Blah.

    It is raining cats and dogs here so I am enjoying a snuggly day at home (after I got drenched voting) and just had an unusual-for-me 2nd cup of coffee.

  3. Your quilts are beautiful. I have a small quilt wall hanging that's been in process for over a year now. It is fall-themed so I'd like to get it done and up on a wall (I have the place for it) this month! The details are what put me off finishing it. I think imprecise is good!