Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I always said I did my best blogging during insomnia fits. How funny how it is. I go through times when I can't even look at the blog, I don't even take time to check it. Then there are times where I just have so much to say and I have to find time to say it! Maybe it's the SAM-E that Mrs. Darling recommended.

Anyway, I actually sat and read the whole James Jordan book Primeval Saints yesterday. It was hard for the first couple of chapters to just sit and make myself pay attention. I have so many other things on my mind and it didn't seem like it had anything to do with any of them. But as I went on I realized it was just what I needed. Thanks Alice. (I know she doesn't read this, but I guess I'll thank her anyway.) Anyway, now I'll have to write the review tomorrow. Hope I can be coherent.

I am amazed at how differently Jordan teaches about the old testament saints from the larger evangelical mainstream type preaching. Jacob and especially Rebekah are vindicated, Isaac is the one at fault (for the deception of Isaac).. Many of his explanations are much more satisfying to me.

Here is a quote from the end of the chapter about Noah that I found especially encouraging:

The story of Noah is especially comforting for Christians today. Faced with ungodliness on every side , we do not have rule or dominion. We live in a time of prophecy and Ark building, warning the wicked and building the Church. In time, however God will destroy the wicked, either through plague or conversion, and give rule to His people. The wine we drink in Holy Communion and the robes our church officers wear are our pledge that this is so. Like Noah we must never shrink from our duty.

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  1. Good Morning, Kerri,
    I read your review, too. Now I really want to read that book. We are ready for a new author/new book to read on Sundays, so I'll suggest this one to Rick. Thanks!