Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall is in the air today!  I love fall, but I don't want it to come until Monday because we are going to have a yard full of people this weekend, Lord and weather permitting.  It is a family tradition to celebrate birthdays at a time when it isn't actually your birthday.  So we are having a birthday party for my three middle girls on Sunday.  Elisa and Fiona's birthdays were in April and Irene's in August, but we were too busy then, so here we are.  I hope it goes well. 

Lately I've been spending a lot of time talking with Forrest about his plans for the future.  He has developed quite an interest in economics.  I guess the fun of having older kids is that they become interested in things you never would have investigated yourself and you get to learn through them.  We are trying to decide where he should go to college, when, etc.  Community?  Distance learning?  There are so many options, all of them costing lots of $$$$$ and I don't want to make a mistake and waste said $$$$!!!

But I also want to trust that God will make a way and provide and not shrink back from something just because it looks impossible at the beginning.  *Sigh*

But I hate the thought of him going away to school.  I hope he won't need to too soon.  I guess it depends on what he wants to study.  Economics is a pretty broad subject.  But he wants to do something that will make a real difference, somewhere, somehow.  I guess if you come from an Austrian economics  point of view it is harder to get a good paying job because it's the government that really pays the economists and they don't like the Austrian view.  It doesn't give them anything to promise their constituents.  But I can't tell him not to go into something just because he's not going to get rich at it-I mean if he feels like that's really where the Lord is leading him, can I?

But we toss around college names like Hillsdale, or Patrick Henry.

Bah.  I want him to stay here.  I want all my kids to stay right here.  And I want at least 100 grandchildren.

And thats that.


  1. 100 grandchildren would be amazing. :) I'm so glad to see you back blogging. I'll pray for Forrest and for you for clear direction.

  2. Wow two posts in a short time! What a woman! Hey, we really need to talk. Yeah, like I'll have any time to drop by in the near future! sigh

  3. Oh yeah I'll try to get Tink down there sunday. What time again?