Sunday, October 26, 2008

I don't know why, but I've decided to start a new blog and quit the old one. Maybe it's just that feeling of wanting a new start. Hopefully I'll be a little more diligent to post on this one..

I had a midwife appointment last week and my blood pressure has gone down 4 points. I'm taking a lot of calcium and eating a lot of protein so hopefully that will carry me through and keep my blood pressure down. When I was younger I thought I would get more blase about pregnancy as I went along, but actually the reverse is true. Though I am making a real effort not to allow worrisome thoughts to penetrate my day-whether about pregnancy or the economy or politics or whatever else. There is certainly enough to worry about in the world, but there always has been, so we all must just continue on to work and plant and trust God for the increase, or as Elizabeth Elliot says, "Do the next thing."

I just finished reading Kevin Swanson's The Second Mayflower. I enjoy reading and rereading books that help to sharpen my vision for homeschooling and family life and Christian life in general. A lot of what he wrote wasn't particularly new to me, but it is good to remind myself that we are planting for the future-the long term future (as I am post millennial in eschatology) and that as I plant memorized scriptures, catechism questions, biblical principals etc in the lives and hearts of my children that they are the vessels that God will use to carry His kingdom into the future. Liberal media, public school system, raging special interest groups and ACLU not withstanding. How we should laugh at them. And pity them, for they are certainly fighting a losing battle.

Most of the family is at church this morning, but I had to stay home with sick kids. I am resisting temptation to look at clothes for the boys on ebay, because we observe Sunday sabbath and don't do commerce on Sunday. One of the mysteries of having a large family is the phenomenon of some of the children getting a ton of clothes through hand me downs (which most of our clothes are, in one way or another) and others having almost nothing. I would think it would be somewhat even, since they mostly pass from on to the other. But this year Noah has very little (especially in pants) and Joseph has a ton.. So I've been trying to cushion his wardrobe a little from ebay. I know there are some things on ebay that go for a lot of money, but there are some really, really good deals too. I got Forrest three pairs of almost new pants last week for 15.00, including shipping. Our local Goodwill mostly starts at around 7.00 so I did better on ebay, and didn't have to leave home. :) I like it when I can get things done without leaving home.

Well, I am going to cut myself out a skirt, as most everything I had for late term pregnancy wore out on the last one, and I only have a couple things that fit me for this last month and a half. I'm trying to make things that I can reduce in size once the baby comes. Maternity clothes are so odd these days. I really hate those under the belly waists. It seems like you'd always be feeling a draft! And they aren't very comfortable either. So I've been making my own clothes out of plus size patterns and that seems to be working better for me-and cheaper too, since maternity clothes just seem to be ridiculously expensive-maybe I just don't know the right stores.

May the Lord bless you and keep you..


  1. Aha I found you! You can run but you cant hide! LOL Actually I followed the link from Margarets site.

    I too am home with sick kids this morning although as the morning wears on I question the validity of the sickness. Was it that or was it just that a certain two kids didnt want to go to church?

  2. By the way I love the name of this blog! It just speaks to me! I love the entire blog actually.

  3. Hey, I'm home with a sick child too! Or maybe he is just lazy today, hard to tell. Decided to give him the benefit of the doubt

    Love your new blog and hope to see more of you now. I haven't been very good at commenting lately as I rush from one site to another reading political commentary.

    Not to promote my own blog, but you (Mrs. D, you too!) have to go read my post "Encouragement or False Optimism" which is just three down from the top. (Sorry, I don't know how to add a link in comments.) I am so hoping - and praying constantly - that what the writer describes is true.

    Love the music!

  4. Hi, Kerri!

    Thanks for telling me about your new location in Blogville. :)

    I'm praying for you at this exciting/scary time. I was always scared right before time to give birth, but, by God's mercy, was enabled to rely upon Him and cooperate with the labor.

  5. Hi Kerri!
    Missed you at church... :-) Hand me downs are funny that way aren't they? You get used to a certain amount of them and then, mysteriously they dry up... :-D

    If you know the kids sizes, the red white and blue in Milwaukee has MUCH better prices than the goodwill. But you cant try on, and must use cash... and it is DUSTY! JoJo and I have been hitting some kids resale places lately, both the weekends events and the occasional shop.

    Boy is goodwill nuts or what? I can get stuff for Charlotte brand new at target for about the same price as goodwill... :-p

    Happy Sabbath!

  6. Well, I like the blue. I wonder why you couldn't just change the old one? (forgive me if I'm naiive--I'm having brain issues having run out of fish oils and due to something else which you shall find out when you read my blog lol).

    Hand me downs are so not working well for us anymore. I do like eBay tho. And Target.

  7. Hmph! I thought you were going to update the new blog more often! Im sad.

  8. Red White and Blue! My favorite...very favorite thrift store! I go every time we come back for a visit.
    When are you due?

  9. Roberta, I've had Red White and Blue recommended to me several times, but I've never been in as it just wasn't convenient for me. But now Exodus Books has moved just down the street from it, so maybe I'll have to make a point of going over there one of these days.

    I'm due Dec. 5, but I'm always, always, always late. :/